Focus on Assignments

An Assignment is a deed that deals with the transfer of property.  All assignments provide:

  • Names of parties (ideal for tracing your family tree)
  • Description of property
  • Covenants, rights & restrictions over the property
  • Value of transaction

Assignments will often transfer a leasehold property subject to the remaining lease term.  These Assignments would be produced when registering a property with the Land Registry, but they were often not retained by the Land Registry and have therefore been lost or destroyed over time. Luckily, we have a large number of Assignments in our collection including this one for a property which has since been demolished. Although the Land Registry refers to this Assignment, it does not hold a copy of the Assignment itself.

Follow this link to download an example of an Assignment from 1893 relating to 9 Denmark Street, Rochdale.

The Assignment that we have used for an example contains the following information:

  • Number of Documents: 1
  • Number of Plans:  1
  • Number of Persons: 3
  • Number of Signatures:  3                               
  • Addresses:  9 Denmark Street, Rochdale, Lancaster
  • People Named:  John Bamford, William Lord, George Longbottom