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Start your ancestry or one place study today with Ancestor Homes.  We find that it's better to start with a wide search and then add more information later if you want to narrow the results.

For person searches, simply enter the name and search, so for example to find anyone with the surname Hall just search on Hall in the surname field. If you would like to expand your search on this surname add a * before the surname Hall, *Hall and a range of names including the word Hall such as Marshall will be returned.

For property searches, particularly if you are carrying out a one place study, we suggest using the keyword search within the advanced search option.

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27.10.1908 Conveyance Young Arthur Evelyn View Buy
12.01.1912 Conveyance Young Walter Pharmaceutical Chemist View Buy
10.01.1885 Conveyance Young Arthur Merchant View Buy
15.01.1886 Conveyance Young Arthur Merchant View Buy
19.12.1902 Conveyance Young Arthur Merchant View Buy
05.04.1889 Conveyance Young Arthur Merchant View Buy
12.10.1900 Conveyance Young Daniel Builder View Buy
18.08.1933 Conveyance Young Dorothy Leonard Spinster View Buy
18.11.1926 Conveyance Young Cecil John Municipal Clerk View Buy
01.05.1886 Declaration of trusts Young Arthur Merchant View Buy
26.02.1925 Deed Young B R View Buy
26.06.1906 Demise Young George Coachman View Buy
16.09.1914 Lease Young John Rymer View Buy
21.03.1911 Lease Young J J Baldwin Solicitor View Buy
02.12.1864 Lease Young Jacob Plasterer View Buy
15.08.1864 Lease Young George Servant View Buy
15.02.1934 Lease Young Herbert View Buy
20.03.1876 Lease Young William Henry Yeoman View Buy
12.11.1900 Lease Young Jno. C. Director View Buy
02.01.1868 Lease Young Mary Spinster View Buy