New property search launch from Ancestor Homes
1st November, 2017

The launch of our Property Search means you can now research the history of houses throughout England and Wales.

Whether you’re a house historian, researching a One-Place Study or you just want to find out what has happened within your own four walls over time, Ancestor Homes can help you break down those brick walls!

Click onto the Property Search function and hit search without entering any data to browse the whole collection, or enter information into the search boxes to get tailored results.

Use the keyword bar in advanced search to enter house names or numbers. The keyword search is also useful if you think the street you are looking for may have changed names over the years; sometimes deeds will have the new street name with ‘formally known as’ written below it.

Deeds can include information such as when the property was built, plot size, ground rent fees, occupants and their occupations, neighbours and even information about the surrounding area. Some deeds and documents in our collection such as Valuations and Specifications of Work state the number of rooms in a house and their purpose.

Our search results will tell you the document date(s), document type and property address. Viewing a search result will give you even more free information such as the number of people in the document, the number of pages, if the document is original or not and will also list any business names mentioned.

We have thousands of deeds which are not yet digitised so don’t give up on us if you cannot find what you are looking for the first time! Get in touch with us to see if we have any documentation relating to the vicinity you are researching.

Ancestor Homes can help you trace the history of a house through time and through a range of deeds and documents. Use our collection alongside newspaper articles and photographs to build the colourful history of a house. Happy researching!

P.S Don’t forget you can download free documents as part of our monthly ‘Focus On’ series which can be found under the ‘Exploring Our Collection’ tab.