Focus on Assents

An Assent is used to transfer a property after the owner has died. The personal representatives or executors of an estate transfer the property to a beneficiary.

Assents complement our collection of Wills & Probates when researching your family history.   They can also be very useful for house historians as the can give the value of a property and details of current occupiers.

Follow the link to open an Assent dated 25 October 1905 relating to the properties at 13 to31 Jobling Street, Bradford, Manchester.

This Assent contains the following information:

Number of Pages: 2 (including the cover)

Number of Persons: 6

Addresses: 13 to 31 Jobling Street, Bradford, Manchester

People Named:

  • Ernest Harry Stephenson
  • Sarah Jane Stephenson
  • William Chorlton
  • Thomas Alfred Glover
  • Vernon S Wood
  • Reg O Goolden